"The Carbon Footprint Friendly" retail Bonsai Nursery,  95% of our Bonsai stock is home grown.

wyndcote   bonsaiWelcome to the Wyndcote Bonsai website where you can find a wealth of information on our vast selection of both indoor and outdoor Styled Bonsai, our garden stocked with styled and part styled Field Grown Bonsai, our comprehensive selection Bonsai Tools and accessories and our huge range of Bonsai Pots.wyndcote bonsai

Wyndcote Bonsai's location is four miles from Junction 3 on the M55 and only five miles from Blackpool in Lancashire (see map).

Our aim is to provide you with all your bonsai requirements.  Just beginning or styling bonsai as a hobby?  Wyndcote Bonsai nursery is what you need!

Wyndcote Bonsai has been growing bonsai for the past 18 years, so this is not just a job for us, it's a way of life.  With this high level of experience and the wealth of knowledge in the field of bonsai growing it's no wonder people trust us to take care of their bonsai while they go on holiday or style their bonsai trees for them.  Do you want to learn the art of bonsai yourself? why not get in touch and arrange for a personal 1on1 Bonsai Workshop.



thumb_IMG_8214aWyndcote Bonsai has over 200 styled bonsai and part-styled indoor and outdoor bonsai.  The trees are either fully finished (styled and in ceramic pots) or part finished (styles and part style in plastic containers).  Wyndcote Bonsai are happy to repot any of the part finished bonsai in a pot of your choice.  Some of our more exotic stock is imported but the majority is home grown at Wyndcote Bonsai.

We have a wide range of both hardy and tender bonsai, the trees available including:-

  • acers
  • elms
  • hornbeams
  • pines
  • junipers
  • yamadori.

If you are thinking of selling your bonsai, WE are keen to buy part or whole collections.

thumb IMG 8211thumb IMG 8215

Wyndcote Bonsai supplier of bonsai pots, bonsai tools, bonsai feed, bonsai soil and bonsai accessories at competitive prices.  Combine this with our free advice and make growing your own bonsai affordable, accessible and enjoyable.  All the pots, tools and accessories we sell are the same as we use ourselves, after 18 plus years in the business, we are able to judge quality products when we see them.


thumb_IMG_8168Bonsai Pots

With more than 200 bonsai pots in stock there is sure to be something that meets your requirements.  Our stock of bonsai pots include cascade, round, square, rectangle, and oval  designs ranging from 10cm to 100cm in width and come in a multitude of colours.  If we haven't got a pot that suites your needs, we can usually get one for you.


thumb_IMG_8191Bonsai Tools

We have a comprehensive range of high quality Japanese bonsia tools including long handled bonsai pruning scissors, branch cutters, knob cutters, bonsai pruning shears, re-potting scythes and rakes.


thumb_IMG_8184Bonsai Feed, Soil and Accessories

The type of feed you need depends upon the type of bonsai and its location (indoors or outdoors).  Wyndcote Bonsai stock a variety of bonsai feeds to suite your bonsai needs.

We stock wire (either aluminium or copper) from 0.6mm to 6mm in diameter in 100gm or 500gm packs.

We stock Akadama.

We have a comprehensive range of Bonsia accessories including sieves, mesh, knives, turntables and sealant to name but a few.

Wyndcote Bonsai has over 1500 part styled, field grown bonsai.  They range from 5 to 30 years in age, are from 10cm to 100cm in height and from 1cm to 10cm in trunk diameter.

Field grown bonsai are only available until the end of April. Bonsai you lift yourself are sold at discount prices.

We have a wide range of field grown bonsai some in limited stock.  Varieties include:-thumb_IMG_8147

  • Crab Apple
  • False Beach
  • Cherry
  • Acer
  • quince
  • Elm
  • Pine
  • Japanese Honeysuckle
  • Cedar

SEE THEM IN THE WINTER as lifting takes place from October to April during their dormant period of growth.   Bonsai can be secured during the summer months with a 20% retaining deposit.

field grown bonsaifield grown bonsai


thumb_bonsai-workshop_0161Our one day Bonsai Workshop is aimed at the beginner and the novice and covers all the main elements in the art of Bonsai such as re-potting, shaping, pruning etc.

You don't need to have your own bonsai to come on the course, our 'try before you buy' course gives you the opportunity to work on some of our stock trees so as you can get a feel for whether bonsai is for you or not.


bonsai-pruningAlready have your own bonsai but not sure what to do next?  Why not bring it along and we can guide you in the right direction.  Our goal is to help you to develop your skills so as you can turn your Bonsai tree into a true piece of living art.  Call Us to find out more.

If our service has been to your liking you could make a donation to The AIR AMBULANCE.


bonsai from as little as 4 pounds

Contact Information

Lytham Road, Moss Side,  Lytham.  FY8 4LZ

Telephone: 01253 733458

Proprietor : John Barnes


By Appointment Only

Ring the above number and leave a message.  Please allow at least 24 hours notice.

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